Circumstances never make you happy or unhappy. Circumstances are neutral. They’re always neutral until
you step into the picture.
You don’t need to focus on happy. You’re already happy. IT’S A GIFT.™
Do you focus on having SKIN? Do you focus on having a HANDS? EYES? For those of us who are fortunate to have them, we don’t.
HAPPINESS is no different. It’s a birthright. It’s what the universe intends for us. Look at the beauty of nature in its various shapes and forms and textures, or the awe-inspiring abundance of a universe that we will never literally ever understand. How can beauty and happiness not be at least a part of our birthright (along with the challenges of being human that come with that also)?
Happiness is natural. It’s God-given. It’s already there within us. What an amazing gift. What would we possibly need to focus on?
Yet, that’s exactly how we make ourselves unhappy.
These are simple, simple things, but most people don’t understand the simple things because they were never taught them. This is a hard thing to do for most people. The biggest obstacle you have to frickin’ overcome is the one that is looking right at you in the mirror. Once you overcome that, you have no more obstacles.
I have talks with my students. They are reminded of this lesson in real life, we get it, and then we’re good to go, right? Yeah, no, it doesn’t work that way.
I could say the same thing in a different way every month and they’d go, “Oh, yes. Right. Of course!” Even for me, these things are not so easy to implement in every unfolding moment, but I’m here to remind us anyway.
Observe yourself. It’s usually either circumstances or certain people that we allow to agitate us. Then we get into a whole inner discussion about how this person says this, they didn’t do this … how could we not be agitated at that point?
So I guess we’re going to have to do what?
PRACTICE! PRACTICE not allowing things to agitate you. “But Harv, you know what this person just said to me? That is just out of line. They lied to me.”
That’s fine, but do you want to be happy or unhappy? “I want to be happy.” Then let it frickin’ go!
“I have to do business with this person.” No, it’s a choice. You do or you don’t. “They’re my boss, Harv. I have to.”
Really? Show me the gun that they’re holding to your head. WHERE IS IT?
“There’s no gun, but I need the money.” Okay, so you’re making a choice.
Always remember that. You have the power, not them.
It’s our lives, folks, so let’s all stop the nonsense! I’m not a victim, you’re not a victim. There are no victims here. You choose, literally, every moment of your life. I’m choosing to be sitting at my desk right now. You are choosing to read this wherever you’re reading it. You create your life by the choices that you make.
What are the choices that you’re making?
You are at a certain point in your life, a certain point in your money, a certain point in your business, a certain point in your job, a certain point in your relationship with different people. You have a certain weight. You have a certain health situation.
For better or for worse, you created all that , and if it’s still going on a month from now, you continue to create that. You have created your current life, and you will create your future life.
If you would prefer to have a different life than you have right now, create a different life. You know what that means? It means making new choices.
Choose right now to have a different life, a better life. Ironically, as soon as you figure out that you’ve been focusing on the wrong thing all along–the belief that happiness is out there somewhere, away from whatever inconvenience we’re experiencing in the moment–and that all you really have to do is change some self-defeating habits, happiness all of a sudden starts to find you! In fact, it’s coming out of where it was all along…from within you!!



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      1. A pleasure, Ugochukwu
        Kind Regards and all the best with your blogs
        Share, encourage, uplift, inspire and help spread HOPE, LOVE and LIGHT

        Best wishes from the First City to see the light

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