Everything is linked together.

There was good and bad memories and even with the good once, I don’t refer to my past, I don’t consider you the best, I don’t regret you left. the present still preferred and the future the best.” Ugochukwu Chidiebere.

I’ve been the most favorite to some and a horrible nightmare to others either way, we’ve once got along.

Why loosing your dear mind to insignificant, does a spilled milk make a whole vitamins? Your past have you experienced with its imperfections, your precious present presents pearl of Gold linked to your untapped priceless future and if a link or a road is made up of gold, what could be the nature of the environment itself?.

What can be compared from the already known world (Your past) to that of your future.
Dear past life you only exist as a memory I don’t regret you left, I smile each time I remembered you because you only remind me you ain’t got the best.

“past life full of web of lies fake life unfulfilled promises and good memories as per say, most where never to our best interest” Ugochukwu Chidiebere.
There you had Stolen Kisses, integrity abused life questioned and misinterpreted. Now you see why you wasn’t meant to stay?. Am glad you left because in you I was only profiling, telling the world what I’m not, life full of pretends.

Hey past life, never mind am still grateful you came. Through you I found myself into this precious present. Thanks as I’ve learned through you that their are more to life than faking and that is reality.
Now I can actually brainstorm myself and write about you. I can tell when a fellow is real or fake because I was once fake when I was with you but now am real. Even through evidence you thought me how inconclusive the mind can be. All these I learned from you.

Am grateful still I can’t refer to you my past as the best in this precious present. Yes you got me here but has no fact on where am going because you have no idea regarding to my untapped future which is the best.
Now I travel while am at a place through the power of imagination envisioning into the promising future.

I know the differences now, the past is past and do not bring it into the present to avoid prevention over the priceless present presented to you by these precious present moment.
The present moment still preferred to that of past as it is fertile and we are planted already, therefore our chance to grow into our promising future is certain.

Thanks for reading an introductory piece in my book the INCONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE OF YOUR MIND by Ugochukwu Chidiebere.

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