The struggle of love

The struggle of Love. Love is all good and beautiful but now it is also use for the means of other agenda. People now show love mostly to get one thing or the other. I look around and begin to think… Where is true Love? Why is there so much deceit in love? Why is there no honesty in the matters of love? Why do people use love to take advantage of others? Why has people turn love to self affairs where they think only about themselves?

People now love mostly when there is a benefit to derive. If I can’t get something from you then why should you be in my life, that’s now the other of the day in today’s world. People are suffering and dying because Love is struggling to survive. Love is no more thriving but striving. This issue is now a global one and can only be address in units, as in individually.

… Where there is true love, there is life.

When spouse to spouse are not true to themselves anymore majorly because of personal interest and gain. Marriages are now going through all kinds of stress because husband or wife or both are now getting attracted to personal gain. Families are having crisis because members of the family love only from the face and not the heart. Love is now a mere word to most people, the action behind it is forgotten.

From leaders to politicians to business owners, even religious leaders, Love is struggling. Most of these people just want to be in power not that the love they profess is true. People now say one thing but meant another thing. How can this world survive in this manner? How can relationships, marriages, families, businesses survive in this manner?

… To love is something, to be loved is something but to love and be loved is everything.

The problem of this world starts with individuals not government or certain establishment. How can someone who is not truthful to his/her spouse, children or family be truthful to anyone else in the world.

There’s only one way this terrible system can change, and its through you and I. To live in the right meaning of love. Love is truthful and plain. There is no hide and seek in love. It’s always open. Why should you lie or deceive the one you love, that is no love, it’s murder.

We can’t change everyone but we can change ourselves. Let love thrive through you, your relationship, marriage, family and business, in that way, love will flow and connect us all back to the origin where love never fails.

I don’t want to be one of the problems of this world, this is our home and I want to enjoy it. I believe it’s the same with you. So, I’m going to let Love thrive from me to my family and the world. We should all do that.

Thanks my dear friends. It’s time to end the struggles of Love.

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